You enjoy driving your electric car, but you most likely dislike looking for a public charging station. Though you may wish to have an electric vehicle charging point installation at home, you may not be entirely certain of the advantages. The benefits of installing an electric vehicle charging station and being able to do so at home or work grow every day for homeowners.

Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation For Your Home or Business

– Electric Car At Home

The electric car charger is a small, weatherproof device that attaches to a wall and has a socket for putting in a portable charging cable or a charging cable connection. Installing a home charging point where your electric vehicle is parked will allow you to charge it at home. Due to its speed and built-in security features, dedicated home charging points are frequently preferred by drivers. 

– Charger Installation At Work

Installing an EV charger at your workplace has many benefits for your business and your employees. Your employees can enjoy having their car charged for them when they are at work. It also provides a good image for your business showing your clients and potential clients that you are striving to work towards a “green” business. Businesses can use the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), a grant to lower the cost of providing electric vehicle charge points for their employees. The WCS award is limited to a maximum of 40 charge point sockets per applicant and is capped at £350 per socket. Any company, charity, government agency, or small lodging establishment may use it under certain restrictions. The government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles provides the grant (OZEV).

Electric Car Charge Point Benefits

– Installing Electric Car Charging Points Are Convenient

According to reports, 80% of electric car owners charge their cars overnight at home. When an EV charging station is installed at home, owners develop the practice of plugging in their car at night to charge it, much like they would their mobile phones. You can take advantage of the downtime knowing you won’t need the car while you sleep and that you will be completely prepared to leave your home in the morning on a full charge. Installing an EV charging station at home also saves you the time it takes to drive to a public charger and wait, sometimes for hours, until the EV has adequate range for your needs.

– Charging At Home Saves You Money

Already, driving an electric car was more cost-effective per mile than using petrol. But in order to reduce costs, most homeowners charge their electric car at home overnight during off-peak times. People that use public EV charging stations frequently spend more on electricity during the peak times of the day. Like any business, owners of public charging stations include the cost of their overhead in their charges in addition to recovering the cost of the electricity. Rent or mortgage payments, the price of the charge point, upkeep, and revenues are some of these expenses.

– Charger Installation At Home Is Better For Your Battery

Frequent supercharging at a charge point might cause an electric car battery to age more quickly than slower chargers, according to studies. Although utilising a fast charger has been proven to negatively impact battery life, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of a free fast charger when you come across one while travelling. Tesla has even configured its vehicles to cap charging rates if they undergo excessive supercharging.

– EV Home Charger Installation Can Increase Your Property Value

Making EV charging stations accessible is a method for building owners to stand out from the competition and draw in renters. Many car manufacturers plan to phase out petrol-powered cars, and since most people charge their EVs at home, residents of multifamily buildings may soon demand the construction of an EV charge point or vacate the building. Within the next two years, there will be a significant increase in demand for electric vehicles.

Choose Derbyshire Electrical Services For Your Electric Car Charging

Getting an EV home charger installed at your home or building will enable you to fully enjoy the satisfaction of not having to stop for petrol or a battery boost, regardless of whatever EV you drive. If you require any more information on EV charging, whether it’s at home or for your business, contact Derbyshire Electrical Services today and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist.