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Our electrician Derbyshire is equipped with the newest and most advanced technology in addition to a wealth of knowledge and experience. All of our clients receive the highest caliber of service from our team of qualified and authorised engineers.  For more information on an electrician in Derbyshire, read on for details of our services.

We are dedicated to providing quick service to our client’s needs and constant, effective communication. Any project will be completed by our personnel within the specified time frame and in accordance with the most modern wiring regulations.

Our goal is to carry out all kinds of domestic and commercial electrical work for your home or business to the highest quality.  We also offer EV charging points allowing you to charge your electric vehicle at home. We are a local family-run business offering fully-insured complete services.

Our customer’s happiness is guaranteed, and we are fully insured and the Office of Zero-Emission Vehicles authorised. NICEIC-approved contractor in addition. We are a family-run company with City & Guilds certification.

We have your safety in mind – The risks in hiring uninsured electricians

A minor error can have catastrophic effects. It is crucial to work with an electrical contractor that is both licensed and insured. Your family’s safety, that of your coworkers and neighbors, as well as the safety of the general public, depends on the technical training, know-how, and experience an authorised electrical contractor offers.

Consider the possibility that a handyman will carry out partial or incorrect electrical repairs if they are unable to finish the necessary work to become a certified electrician. This will eventually result in severe, ongoing electrical issues. The job will need to be redone, or even worse, it may endanger human life and cause property damage.

If you let an unqualified person operate on your electrical system and there is a fire as a result, not only may your home’s insurance be worthless, but your family’s safety would also have been jeopardised. These hazards are too high to rely on luck.  You pay for legal protection when you hire an electrician. When you put it that way, I’m sure you’ll agree that the salary of an electrician is well worth the expense.

Numerous house fires are started by improper wiring methods, inferior building materials, faulty extension cables, or malfunctioning electrical equipment. The issue with electrical work is that it appears to be straightforward when it most certainly is not.

Small errors can have immediate and serious repercussions. Unsafe wiring practices might result in shock risks that might not be noticeable until an accident occurs.

Consistency is a key component of high-quality electrical work in Derbyshire. To ensure that everyone is aware of the proper and improper methods for carrying out electrical repairs and installations, there is an electrical code. How would someone without x-ray vision be able to diagnose a circuit if every home was wired in accordance with a random standard?

What would happen if your “buddy” who “knows a lot about electrical” was seriously harmed while in the crawl area of your home or at work? The majority of the time, you would be held totally accountable for any injuries they had while on your premises.

The services we offer

We offer many services at Derbyshire Electrical Services Ltd to ensure you have the right person for the right job. Services include the following:

Domestic Services – All forms of home electrical wiring, lighting, testing, inspections, CCTV and home security as well as smart technology installation.

Commercial Services – CAT 6 and structure cabling, electrical wiring, lighting, testing, upgrades, maintenance work, fire alarm installation and maintenance, extra plug sockets and air-conditioning.

EV Charging Points – Installing a charger on your house will simplify your life and provide additional benefits. Your automobile will charge up to 2.5 times more quickly than with a 3-pin plug, plus it is safer. There is no need to wait around at a service station, and it is just as rapid as some public charging outlets. An electric car can be fully charged from empty to full in 3.5 hours using a home charger, which is typically either 16 or 32 amps.

PA Testing – In the UK, testing of portable electric appliances is mandated by legislation. All portable appliances must be accurately evaluated by routine inspection and testing, as per Section 4(2) of the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989), in order to certify that the device is safe for use.

EICR – The easiest method to fulfill your legal obligations as a landlord and ensure that the electrical infrastructure of your property is safe for your tenants is to obtain a periodic assessment of your electrical installations via an Electric Installation Condition Report. A licensed electrician ought to do your EICR. The inspection will look at the wiring in your property, check for damage, and determine whether the electrical installations provide any shock or fire concerns. Following that, the electrician will give you a report. To guarantee that we are offering a complete and effective service, we make use of the most recent technologies.

Maintenance Contracts – Our company designs, installs, and tests a wide range of electrical equipment, and our team has experience in all areas of electrical installation and equipment, which puts us in a perfect position to offer maintenance services on not only our own installations but also any electrical system, network, or product.

How much does it cost to hire an electrician in Derbyshire?

Unquestionably essential professionals, electricians can handle a variety of tasks around the house that are necessary for daily living in Derbyshire. With so many unqualified rogue traders around that pose a very serious hazard if they carry out subpar work in your house, it might seem difficult to locate a trustworthy and trusted tradesperson.

It doesn’t have to be this difficult to locate a licensed electrician, though. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose and work with a trustworthy electrician to handle your household’s electrical needs. We’ll specifically examine the cost of hiring an electrician, factors that determine that cost, ways to save money when hiring an electrician, the process involved in hiring an electrician, and how to identify and employ one.

The assistance of a qualified electrician is without a doubt the best course of action if you believe that the wiring in your home needs to be upgraded or if you have some light fixtures to install that are outside the scope of your authority.

Depending on their degree of education and where they work, electricians often earn between £30 and £60 per hour, with daily rates typically falling between £240 and £480. These fees apply to pre-arranged, scheduled call-outs; for emergencies, the hourly charge may increase from £50 to £80.

You should budget between £20 and £50 to replace a light fixture, depending on the intricacy of the fitting and the calibre of the current wiring. This will typically take an hour, but keep in mind that the cost will be greater for bigger fixtures that require more than one person to lift and install.

If you want to hang several light fixtures in your house, it will probably take you two to three hours. However, the time may take longer if you need to hang a lot of fixtures. The typical price range for this is £50 to £100.

If you decide to install a dimmer switch in place of your current normal light switch, electricians will charge you anywhere from £30 to £55 and take an hour.

Perhaps there are currently no lighting options in your loft, so you want to install a few lightbulbs to make your time up there a bit more comfortable. Typically, this will run you between £70 and £150 and take two to three hours.

Looking at outdoor lighting right now, you may anticipate costs ranging from £30 to £110 and a one- to two-hour labour time to replace an outdated outside light with a more contemporary one.