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EV Charger Derbyshire, The Simple Solution To Charge your Electric Vehicle with  Electric Car (EV) Charging Points In Your Home.

Why should you fit an EV charger Derbyshire? As the world becomes more conscious of global warming and the impact of using fossil fuels to run our cars, electric alternatives are becoming more and more popular with British consumers, and with the price of fuel rising year on year and generous government incentives for buying electric cars there has never been a better time to consider making the switch to from petrol to electric. But where do you charge your new electric car? We have the best solution for you. Installing an electric vehicle (EV) or electric car charging point is at your home or company business is the simplest solution to ensure your electric vehicle charging needs are met in the most efficient manner. Charging points for electric car chargers can be found in many public places, some are free, whilst others charge a small fee to charge your electric car batteries but sometimes it can be hard to find an electric vehicle charger at the time when it is most convenient for you. EV chargers can be found at supermarkets, motorway services, shopping centre car parks, and other points throughout Derbyshire and the rest of the UK but they’re not always where you need them. EV charge points or electric vehicle chargers at your home allow you to be in control so you can charge your Tesla, or other EV when it suits you.

DES Charging Point Installers Provide Full Installation for your Electric Vehicle Charging Requirements in Derby Derbyshire

Whether you need an electric car charger for EV charging, a single charge point, or perhaps multiple points for your place of work you can rely on us. Derbyshire Electric can install a single EV charger or several EV points depending on your specific needs in Derby and the surrounding area. Our charge point installers can install your charging point for your EV and installation can be carried out at a time that works for you. Our charging point installers are fully qualified by City and Guilds and accredited by the OZEV so you can trust the electrical installation is being carried out by an expert when fitting the charge point for your EV when you choose us.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge at home?

The cost of home charging your EV will depend on the electric supplier you choose and the type of tariff you are on. If you are on an economy 7 tariff, the time you charge your vehicle will also reflect in the cost. On average a typical rate is 10 pence per kilowatt-hour meaning your car could run for as little as two pence per mile. This can give potentially huge savings of up to one thousand pounds per year when compared with petrol cars. Not only will it be cheap and easy to charge your car at home or work, but it will also be quicker too. Having a dedicated charger can charge your EV up to two and a half times faster than with a traditional three-pin plug

Can I Get A Grant To Help With The Cost?

Yes! There is a generous government grant scheme to help with the cost of supply and installation of EV charger providing your electric or plug-in hybrid car was purchased after the 1st of April 2015 and you have off-street parking. You will be eligible for the grant providing you use an approved supplier for your installation. It is also worth considering getting a smart meter for your home as you will be using a higher amount of electricity than before. A smart meter is a great way to track your usage and ensure that you are on the best possible tariff to run your EV in the most economic way.

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