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Can any electrician install an electric vehicle charger?

Are you looking for EV charger installation Derbyshire? If so then you’ve come to the right place here at Derbyshire Electrical Services, we are EV charger installation experts and can give you guidance on the correct system for you. An EV, or Electric Vehicle, is a fantastic way to save the planet in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions in the UK. Depending on the model, some electric vehicles require several hours of charging. You can find EV chargers across the country at supermarkets and petrol stations. Having your own charging point at home can save a great deal of time and stress. Charging your car is now as easy as charging your phone. You can hire professional EV charger installation Derbyshire installers for an all round service in Derbyshire with Derbyshire Electrical Services. They ensure you receive an exceptionally high level of service when they install a charging point in your home.

Any qualified electrician with the required skills and professional accreditation for the hardware can legally install an electric car charging point in the home, while a rising number of manufacturers and enterprises are undergoing further training, specifically with EV charger installation in mind. The installation of an EV charger is not a task to be taken lightly. Improper wiring or the use of incorrect parts could be catastrophic for both the car and home. 

How much does it cost to have a charging point installed for an electric car?

The simplest method to ensure that your electric vehicle and auto charging needs are handled in the most efficient manner is to install an electric vehicle charging outlet at your house or company. Electric cars have numerous advantages, including being better for the environment, quieter, and requiring less maintenance than petrol or diesel vehicles. Public charging stations are available for electric vehicles. Some are free, while others charge a nominal fee, and they may be found all across the country. Most electric car owners, however, charge their cars at home since it is more convenient.

Installing an electric vehicle charging port is not as expensive as you might think. The average cost of installing a regular EV charger at home in the UK, without any additional costs, is between £400 and £800. The government is incentivizing people who select greener solutions by offering discounts for electric vehicles and home EV charging stations, so it’s worth investigating if you’re hoping to save money! Depending on your tariff, the cost of home charging varies (and, if on Economy 7, the time of day). With an average electricity rate of ten pence per kilowatt-hour, your car may cost as little as two pence every mile. You may save a lot of money on gas – around £1000 per year if you compare it to petrol. 

Derbyshire Electrical Services are here to assist you in choosing the right charger for your electric car. Providing a full quote for the installation and EV charging port for your approval. Their electricians have a variety of knowledge and experience, as well as the latest and most cutting-edge technologies. Through their staff of qualified and accredited engineers, they take pride in offering the finest quality of service to all of their customers.

Are the specialist services that provide EV charger installation Derbyshire installers?

Whilst many electricians are able to provide the installation of electric car chargers, you can find the odd company that specialises in the installation of EV charging ports. A specialist installer will know where to place the charger and the right device for your model of car. Derbyshire Electrical Specialists prides themselves on offering a tailored service when providing the installation of a charger in your property. Operating in the UK, providing professional installation services with a smile, Derbyshire Electrical Services are here to help you with all your EV charging queries. 

Am I allowed an electric car charging point in Derbyshire?

Yes, you certainly can have an electric car charger installation in your home in Derbyshire, UK! However, you must first obtain approval from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). Disconnecting and reinstalling your charging point at a new property will incur fees. Installation of wall-mounted electric car charging outlets in areas lawfully utilized for off-street parking does not require planning permission if certain conditions are followed. The size of the electrical outlet shall not exceed 0.2 cubic metres, and it must not face a roadway or be within two metres of one. If you don’t have a driveway, you’ll need to find a spot in front of your house where you can run the charging cable from the house or your dedicated outdoor charge point to your EV as quickly as possible.

Installing a charger on your property can not only make your life easier, but it will also save you money. It is safer, and it charges your automobile up to 2.5 times faster than a three-pin plug. It’s as fast as – or faster than – some public charging stations, and there’s no need to queue at a service station. Home chargers can charge an electric vehicle from empty to full in 3.5 hours, depending on whether they are 16-amp or 32-amp. A significant government incentive is available for household charging stations. If you purchased your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle after April 1, 2015 in the UK and have off-street parking, you are eligible for the grant if you employ an OLEV-approved installer. Each qualified car can have one charging point installed, with a maximum of two charging points per home.