EV Charger Home Charger Derbyshire – Charging Point Installers For Your Car. Charge your Electric Vehicle at Home With A EV Charging Point for Your Convenience.

Electric vehicles (EV) are becoming more and more popular and so are our EV Home Charger Derbyshire. As fuel prices continue to skyrocket and the effects of global warming and carbon emissions are being seen worldwide there has never been a more crucial time to look at other energy sources to fuel our vehicles. As the UK government moves towards its carbon emissions targets it’s also simply a matter of time before electric is the new normal in our lives. One of the major drawbacks most people find with electric cars is when it comes to electric vehicle charging. Major supermarkets, shopping centres, and city centres are now realising that electric car chargers are becoming a key part of EV infrastructure.

Why Choose a Home Charging Point?

Electric car charging points are crucial for this but what about charging your EV at home? Leads hanging out of windows are unsightly and a security risk so domestic electric vehicle chargers are the obvious answer. At Derbyshire Electrical Services we specialise in the supply and installation of a personal car charging point where you need it most, at home or even your company workplace. Our team of charging point installers can provide single or multiple charging points and our home chargers are simple and easy to use. We have installed electric vehicle charge points for years and our home charging units are a cost-effective way to run your EV from a compact city EV to a Tesla. A home charge point takes the stress out of car charging knowing you’ll never be without that charger when you need it most. Did you know that home charging can be quicker too? Our charging points can charge your car up to 2.5 times faster compared with using a traditional three-pin plug and socket and a home charger can charge your car from flat to full in just three and a half hours.

What About The Cost?

Getting an EV charging point at your house is not only convenient but cheaper too, although the cost of home charging depends on the tariff you’re on, and, if on Economy 7, have a smart home and manage your electricity via an app on your smartphone, and the time of day you charge your vehicle. It can cost as little as two pence per mile, that’s a saving of thousands of pounds when compared to equivalent petrol or diesel used over the year. That’s just one of the reasons more and more people are looking to add a charging socket to their homes and choosing our EV charge installation services. They simply end up paying for themselves over time.

It may even be worth your while changing to a smart meter as you will be increasing your energy consumption at home so it helps you find the best possible tariff for your electricity supply depending on the times you use it the most. A smart meter is a great way for you to closely monitor how you use your electricity supplier with accurate real-time readings. 

There also a generous government grant policy for a home charging point. If your car was bought from the 1st of April 2015 onwards and you have off-street parking you are eligible for your car charge point grant, providing you use a recognised OLEV approved charger installer like our service in Derby.

Can You Provide Installation of Chargers at my Workplace in Derby, Derbyshire?

Installation of EV charging points is what we do so whether you’re looking for a home installation or an installation at your workplace we can help. We offer free quotations prior to installation and all our work is carried out by our OLEV approved electricians and we believe you won’t find a better service than ours in the UK. Having a charge point at your workplace is not only convenient but can also help your company’s green policy.